10 good reasons to choose a Waldorf school

This article is also available in Italian.

There are many conflicting opinions on the Waldorf school, yet in many European countries, excluding Italy, is being financed by the state.

Certainly there are pros and cons. Let’s see 10 good reasons to choose this school.

  1. The Waldorf school aims to provide each pupil ambition to knowledge. The pedagogical objective is to create a life path that gives the motivation to learn through engagement, curiosity and wonder.

    All knowledge is a doorway to new knowledge.

  2. Waldorf School is committed to spreading knowledge of ecology, cultural and global. The deepening of these materials is through the form of work.

    Through this course students continue to improve themselves by developing the ability to concentrate.

  3. The training program develops the reflection of the child.
    It may happen that it is necessary to adapt the teaching to different levels of learning of each pupil. The teaching of a subject is at different steps based on that of which the child needs.

    The teaching is done through oral communication of thought and eye contact with students. It is a form of defiance against the pupil, to experience and connect with the argument.

  4. In the Waldorf school will make continuous assessments throughout the school year. This is testified by the knowledge gained by students in various disciplines.

    Teachers speak very well with the parents, pedagogical basis of the work, to establish a good development process.

  5. The three fields of knowledge that are presented to children in Waldorf school are:
    • Theory

    • Learn a job
    • Art

    These three fields together weigh on the entire class, but also among the older pupils who have the freedom to choose the type of training and profession.

  6. The art is not the main subject in the Waldorf school, but each subject in its own way it is when the students present their thoughts through stories, drawings, tests, modeling, entertainment, manual work.

    The works of art and handicrafts exhibition calling for work and to learn through other students, however, by ensuring that teaching is appropriate for each student in a personal way.

  7. A good learning process has risks:
    • students have the opportunity to practice, make mistakes, but also to deepen the topic, understand the error and retry.

    The Waldorf school lets go through this process in each subject.

    Through the performance of students on school scene, the student is led to follow the others be ready also to the learning of other benefits.

    As is natural, wrong and then correct itself, it becomes a part of an automatic mechanism that revolves around each individual student, and this stimulates learning, developing for the respect, understanding and learning process.

  8. The formation of a Waldorf school teacher is always in continuous development.

    When the teacher needs to work on art forms such as storytelling, drawing, music, modeling, etc.., he grows with his students.

    This working method gives teachers the inspiration for their work.

  9. The first day of school, students will gather together in a place where pupils and teachers are alike.

    Of course, teachers will have a special responsibility and equality between teacher and student will not be in conflict with the leadership of the teacher towards the students.

  10. A Waldorf school is more than a place of instruction. It is also a cultural center because you can work with concerts, markets, theater and circus (to share with families and the community).

    Not only students and teachers feel part of the school. Parents reinforce their commitment through participation in volunteer activities, markets, etc.. And in this way keep an eye on the school where their children go.

This school is presented in a way so nice that if I could go there myself. Now I get to ask me a question:

  • What are the cons?

Those who have had direct experience, surely they can give me an opinion. The article is open….

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