Cats and babies

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In this video: my daughter Giulia almost 11 months, for the first time, holding at the chair, playing with our cat.

Children and cats can live peacefully together, but are needed simple precautionary measures.

There are many concerned parents, maybe because they worried by other people with phrases like “then, the cat becomes jealous, bite or scratch a child, the fur on the cat does stifle child“, etc…

What should we do then?

When the baby is born , you may want to bring home dirty clothes of the children and let them the cat sniff, so that already begins to perceive the new smells.

When it comes time to go home, put the baby on the floor, obviously in a warm blanket, with a few clothes, so that the natural odors of the child may be well received. Kneel beside the child and then talk to your baby and your cat. The cat will take time approaching slowly sniffing to know. Do not be ashamed to talk to the cat saying that what he is seeing, is your child. Rejecting the cat will not help, but if we place ourselves in order to create a relationship with him, we find that, even if it seems a little strange, he understands the situation quickly.

One concern of parents is that the cat will lie down on the baby making choking.

Cats and children can live together in complete harmony, but the important thing is not to reject the animal but to include it as part of the family. The chief of pediatrics at the hospital where my son was born, he told me: “As soon as the child begins to walk, we need not worry that the cat gets hurt the baby, quite the contrary.” Have a cat at home is certainly more work, but this work is rewarded by the joy at seeing each day as our beloved cat, bring a smile to my children even when they cry.

So let the cat can stay close to children to make his knowledge and understand that now is a new family member.

Is it right to ban certain areas of the house, the cat, close the bedrooms of children especially during the night. If for this, you need to change the rules of the house, you should do before the baby arrives home.

Here are some tips for a peaceful coexistence between cats and small children:

  • Prepare the bed or cot of the child before the child comes home from the hospital, you will see that your cat will go immediately to see what it is.
  • Because of the risk of allergies and asphyxiation, the cat and the baby should not share a bed.
  • To safeguard of pests or health risks please check the cat by a veterinarian before the baby comes home.
  • Bring home a blanket or clothing worn by the child in the hospital so that the cat can get used to the scent of the child.
  • First, the father takes the child into the house, so the mother will be able to meet the cat, meeting him with open arms.
  • Not turn your back to the cat and let him free to explore.
  • When the baby sleeps spend time with your cat. Fondle as possible to show clearly that you love him always.

Although my cat was always a little aggressive, with the kids surprised me, never went to sleep with them, has always been careful, he is approached if the children are crying, whereas if children disturb him, gets up and goes away, if he gets angry, he does with me, not with them.
Remember that animals will be able to reciprocate, in a special way, the love given to him.

Partly taken from the website and translated by Tamara De Zotti

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