First Aid

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It ‘s always hard to hear our baby cry, but crying is natural and healthy because the tears contain an antiseptic that prevents eye infections.

You should call your pediatrician if:

  • The child has less than a month, and submit any sign of illness.

  • The child has less than 6 months, and he cries very strong for 2 hours or more, and crying is accompanied by vomiting; vomits green, and the thermometer indicates a temperature above 39 degrees for more than half an hour; his breathing is very quick and very noisy; in his faeces is the presence of blood and mucus, the skin of the fontanel is tense and protruding.
  • At any age of child, contact your doctor immediately if:
    1. He has the blank stare, he does not want to play, he does not smiles, he cries weakly, or he is hard to wake.
    2. His crying is inconsolable and continuous, so that he can not sleep, he cries if touched or picked up.
    3. Suddenly he can not walk or stand. The causes can be a big problem in the legs or equilibrium or a strong pain in stomach when walking bent forward holding his stomach.
    4. Crying because of severe pain in his stomach. The belly is hard and swollen, or by pressing at the navel, blames severe pain.
    5. Feels pain, swelling or redness of the scrotum or groin. The main danger is the torsion of a testicle that require emergency surgery.
    6. He can not breathe well. It could be a laryngospasm or an asthma attack.
    7. If he has blue lips, is a sign of cyanosis, ie low oxygen in the blood.
    8. Suddenly starts to drool or spit mucus, and he struggles to swallow. It could be a strong throat infection or may have ingested a foreign body.
    9. No pee for more than 8 hours, crying without tears, he has a dry mouth and very depressed fontanel. These symptoms are indicative of disidratione, but must be very careful when he has vomiting and/or diarrhea.
    10. He has a fever and stiff neck. To verify that this is not a common torticollis, you make him bend his head until his chin touches the chest. To tempt him, you put a toy on her stomach.
    11. The red spots appear, other than exanthematous (measles, chicken pox). These are petechiae, ie small pouring of blood that can be as big as a pinhead. They differ from exanthematous disease, because compared to them, if they are crushed or tightens the skin around, they remain visible and not disappear.
    12. When the temperature measured under the armpits, is more than 40°C.

The Emergency Medical System is called only if absolutely necessary:

  • severe malaise
  • home, car, sports or work accident
  • emergency shelter
  • known or suspected life-threatening
  • request for emergency medical.

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