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One of the best holidays it is the holiday as future parents before the baby arrives. It’s yours babymoon.

How to choose your destination

Pregnant women can choose different places, but they should consider necessary to avoid areas where the risk of deadly diseases is high, the places of high mountain areas and areas where there is the malaria and where the vaccines are recommended.

When it is better to start

Often during the second trimester of pregnancy the mother has the feeling of having much more energy and for this reason would be better to choose to travel during this period of pregnancy.

In the second trimester of pregnancy there is also a small risk of complications, ended the period of nausea and uncertainties.

Rules for those who want to fly

Although each every company has different policies (it should always inquire directly with the airline that you will fly) is not usually allowed to fly for women who have less than two weeks after the end of pregnancy.

  1. You must have a medical certificate if you are at the end of pregnancy (ie between the last 2-4 weeks).
  2. The flight may not exceed four hours.
  3. There are no restrictions up to four weeks in advance.

In case of twins

  1. Women who expect two or more children can fly without restrictions until the last 12 weeks from the presumed date of birth.
  2. Among the last 12, and the last 8 weeks require a medical certificate.
  3. The flight may not exceed four hours.

The risk of thrombosis is ten times higher during pregnancy and the risk increases with more than seven hours of travel. It is advisable to do this:

  1. Drink lots of water.
  2. Use elastic stockings.
  3. Much movement and lift your feet frequently during the flight to prevent blood clots.
  4. As regards the risk of fetal harm due to cosmic radiation, it is difficult to formulate recommendations. The most delicate period is 8 to 14 weeks of gestation. The radiation dose depends on the extent and duration of the flight.

Travel insurance

Normally, pregnancy and birth during the trip are not covered by insurance.

If you become pregnant after you have purchased a trip, this can not be erased and be covered by insurance.

If you have problems such as bleeding or preeclampsia, you may use insurance to cancel the trip.

If problems arise during the trip and for this you have to cancel your trip, you will be covered. This also applies if you need medical assistance on site, or if you have to go home to get the right treatment.

The insurance also covers expenses for miscarriage or premature delivery, including transport in an incubator, if necessary.

Tips for those who want to travel without flights

The most important things that are requested as a precautionary measure for women who wish to travel are:

  1. That there have been no previous miscarriages; risk of recurrence.
  2. That there was no previously ectopic pregnancy (is defined as ectopic pregnancy, a pregnancy where the fertilized egg implants anywhere other than the uterine wall); risk of recurrence.
  3. That there were no threats of abortion or vaginal bleeding during pregnancy.
  4. That there are no problems with cervical incompetence, as it is considered that the cervix is unable to support a pregnancy to term.
  5. That there are no placenta diseases.
  6. That is not a multiple pregnancy.
  7. That there is not the presence of preeclampsia, or threat of pre-eclampsia, hypertension or diabetes mellitus.
  8. There are no heart problems.
  9. That there is not in the presence of chronic diseases that require regular monitoring.
  10. That there is not severe anemia (including sickle cell anemia).

Do you want to go to sea?

Here are the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world for 2010 of which, according to the website tripadvisor, you will not regret.

  1. Providenciales is an island of Turks and Caicos Islands. But if you think this is too far a good alternative is Ibiza.
  2. Tulum, is a village located east of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.
  3. Byron Bay in Australia, is perfect for enjoying a relaxed and happy. Is not suitable for travel with children.
  4. The Cook Islands, are are considered ideal for “beaches, lush jungles and coral reefs”.
  5. Myrtle Beach in southern California has a beautiful beach for families.
  6. Huatulco in Mexico has beautiful beaches, a wonderful climate, but the hotel, even if they are good, they are not elegant.
  7. Negril in Jamaica, attracts many tourists for its main beach Seven Mile Beach.
  8. Culebra (Puerto Rico), is in many ways an anti-tourist destination because there are not huge resort hotels or other places of particular interest. But the white sandy beaches are wonderful.
  9. Boracay, Philippines. Yapak Beach is famous for its white shells, while White Beach is famous for the perfect sunset.
  10. Even the California <bin San Diego, not far from the border with Mexico, enters the top 10 most beautiful beaches.

Travelling in Scandinavia

Vacation in Scandinavia are suitable for all pregnant women mainly because in that place rarely is too hot.

These countries offer a natural spectacle not to be missed, absolutely, but there are many spa hotels both in Norway and neighboring countries.

Many people advised to inform your pregnant before, to bathe in the hot tub.

Important tips.

  1. Bring always with you a health card.
  2. Make sure you always have food and beverages.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes and be sighted because the weather is very variable.

Travel in Europe

You can travel around Europe safely. You can choose to go to Paris and buy there clothes for your baby or you can decide to get some sun.

It is always important to be careful what you eat. Avoid salads and raw meat because of the risk of toxoplasmosis, and this risk is greater in southern Europe compared to the Nordic countries like Norway.

Practical advice for traveling to Europe.

  1. Have a European Health Insurance Card.
  2. Check the rules of the airline. You may need a medical certificate.
  3. Avoid contact with cats.
  4. Do not eat food that may contain toxoplasmosis.
  5. Diarrhea is generally not a problem in Europe, but consult your doctor if you also have fever.
  6. Drink plenty of water because dehydration and constipation are common problems for pregnant women.
  7. It is not recommended to stay too long in the sun because the fetus may overheat.
  8. Summer is very hot and could be good to have an umbrella for shelter.
  9. Check your hotel room or apartment that is equipped with air conditioning.

Travel outside Europe

Many experts discourage pregnant women to travel to tropical countries and travel in primitive conditions.

Some countries have too much lack of doctors and therefore are not recommended for pregnant women. This applies to most of Africa, Latin America and Asia. Eastern Europe is not always advisable if you need medical care.

Are not recommended areas of malaria.

Falciparum malaria in pregnant women can cause miscarriage or premature birth.

In the photo (photo source: wikipedia) map indicates the areas of falciparum malaria and the level of risk for each area.

The colors represent the risk of transmission (from Wikipedia):

  1. Type I (yellow): Very limited potential.
  2. Type II (orange): Risk of malaria by P. vivax or P. falciparum chloroquine-sensitive.
  3. Type III (red): Risk of malaria with chloroquine-resistant strains may be present.
  4. Type IV (brown): High risk of malaria by P. chemo-resistant falciparum or moderate / low risk of malaria by P. falciparum strains with high spread of chemo-resistant.

As a general rule you should avoid the vaccine during pregnancy, especially live vaccines such as yellow fever and rubella vaccine.

Any vaccination should preferably be carried out in the first quarter.

Tips for holiday outside Europe.

  1. Avoid areas of malaria.
  2. Be careful what you eat.
  3. Drink only bottled water.
  4. In all travel outside the Nordic countries increases the risk of infection with toxoplasmosis, which can cause fetal harm. To avoid toxoplasmosis, it is important to cook the meat, wash fruit and vegetables, avoid contact with cats and cat feces and wash hands thoroughly.
  5. Know where to get a good medical service.

Good destinations outside Europe are U.S. and Canada. Again, you can find many offers and packages luxury for pregnant women.


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