The Treasure Basket

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For younger children who have just started to look around, but also for children up to two years, is very interesting the Treasure Basket, as it is called by Elinor Goldschmied.

This game helps develop the ability to make decisions and for this reason the adult should not intervene; but the presence of the adult is necessary and reassuring.

Often, when children can sit, they complain because they are bored. So with the treasure basket they have at hand a lot of curious and interesting things to observe. As we will see the list at the bottom, there are items that stimulate all senses of the child, with textures, weights and shapes differents, variety of scents, sounds, color, luster different.

The following are the indications that necessary for this game.

The size of the basket should not be less than 35 cm in diameter and 10-12,5 cm in height. Must have a flat bottom, be without handles and strong enough so that the child can lean without capsizing. It should have straight sides and be of natural material, not plastic.

Fill it to the edge of different objects, so that the child has the opportunity to choose what most appeals to him.

Make sure your child is sitting well, if he still fails, help him with pillows so that he does not slip sideways.

The adult should sit close but not to intervene unless the child does not require his attention.

The ideal thing is to change the contents of the basket every day so that attracts more the child.

Check to include articles not dangerous to the child, which can be washed and if they are damaged it is better to replace them.

Be careful if you have older kids! Protect little ones from interventions, sometimes impetuous, of the bigger ones.

The objects to be used, not to buy, but should be objects of common use used by adults at home, made from many different materials, but not plastic.

This is a suggestion of the objects that we can use:

  1. Cones of trees

  2. Large pebbles
  3. Shell
  4. Small pumpkins
  5. Big chestnut
  6. Large feathers
  7. Pumice stone
  8. Large corks
  9. Avocado pits
  10. Big nuts
  11. Small natural sponge
  12. Lemon
  13. Apple
  14. Wollen ball
  15. Small baskets
  16. Bone ring
  17. Bone shoe horn
  18. Small raffia mat
  19. Cork trivet
  20. Wooden nail brush
  21. Toothbrush
  22. Shaving brush
  23. Brush shoes
  24. House painting brush
  25. Bag handles bamboo
  26. Makeup brush
  27. Boxes lined with velvet
  28. Wooden drum
  29. Rattles of various types
  30. Bamboo whistle
  31. Castanets unpainted
  32. Wooden clothes pegs
  33. Large colored beads on string
  34. Wooden cubes
  35. Spool
  36. Big ring curtains, unpainted, wood and brass
  37. Wooden napkin ring
  38. Wooden spoon, and metal spoons of various sizes
  39. Wood and metal egg cup
  40. Small wooden bowl
  41. Small egg whisk
  42. Bunch of keys
  43. Metal box with rounded corners
  44. Small metal ashtray
  45. Toy trumpet
  46. Cake molds
  47. Metal juicer
  48. Spool typewriter
  49. Small metal funnel
  50. Small harmonic
  51. Garlic squeezer
  52. Scout whistle
  53. Bottle brush
  54. Small metal frame mirror
  55. Bulldog paper clip
  56. keyring linked together
  57. Bunch of bells
  58. Triangle for music
  59. Tin sealed containing rice, beans, etc..
  60. Tea strainer
  61. Tin lid
  62. Metal beaker
  63. Pieces of various types of chain
  64. Bicycle bell
  65. Large cap bottle of perfume
  66. Tea infuser
  67. Pet collar
  68. Leather purse, beaded purse
  69. Small leather bag with zip
  70. Rubber ball
  71. Velvet duvet, powder
  72. Fur ball
  73. Lenght of rubber tubing
  74. Small rag doll
  75. Tennis ball
  76. Golf ball
  77. Leather spectacle case
  78. Bath plug with chain
  79. Small teddy bear
  80. Small bags filled with lavender, thyme, cloves, etc..
  81. Small notebook with spiral rings
  82. Greaseproof paper
  83. Cardboard boxes
  84. Inside of kitchen-paper rolls

If you watch the video above, you will have a clearer idea of what to expect.

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